Hi Jim,

My name is John Lenahan and over the years your company has replaced my heater, air conditioner, all my ducting, and I’m on your maintenance program.

Over the years, I’ve interacted with your employee, Jeremy Glass, and on every occasion, I’ve been very impressed with how knowledgeable he is on all these systems. Every time he has diagnosed and solved each problem as it has occurred.

Recently our home became filled with condensation on the windows, ceilings, and walls. Jeremy came out and diagnosed the problem immediately and discovered a plumbing leak spraying hot water on our heating ducting. He facilitated us getting a plumber out in short order to seal the leak. He further arranged for AAA to reconfigure our ducting to provide more balanced air flow throughout the house.

Jeremy was always extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, and efficient to deal with and your are very lucky to have him as an employee.

John Lenahan, M.D. 17649 Eaton Lane, Monte Sereno