New Furnace Heater Duct Systems in Los Gatos, CA – Santa Clara County – 95030; 95031; 95032; 95033

Replacing your furnace heating duct system this fall could save you money on your gas bills this winter and make your home in Los Gatos CA more comfortable too. Since the new duct sealing requirements started in July, 2014 our technicians has become experts in sealing existing duct systems and installing new duct systems that meet or exceed the energy efficiency codes. PG&E has stated that the average duct system leaks 30%-35% of the air that is heated or cooled in Los Gatos, CA homes. AAA Furnace & Air Conditioning Co. will take care of the removal and disposal of existing duct systems. We have good relationships with Asbestos abatement sub-contractors to safely remove Asbestos from your home. We can start over by correctly sizing the new duct system in your home and sealing every connection, creating a true indoor climate controlled environment for your family. Leaky ducts increase utility bills and decrease system efficiency

If your existing duct system is constructed of sheet metal, our installers will make any repairs to the ducts, seal all accessible leaks and insulate your duct system to today’s insulation standards. All of the registers and boots will be sealed to the building materials to avoid leaks from the attic or crawlspace. AAA Furnace & Air Conditioning Co. always performs residential HVAC projects; like duct system replacements with a Los Gatos Building Pernit. Our work is guaranteed and up to current building codes.

Call us today for a free price quote to replace your leaky duct system or to have your duct system cleaned by our professional duct cleaning specialists. (408) 293-4717 or email our courteous office staff at