Free Dryer Vent Inspection and Water Heater Safety Check

3 for 1 Special Offer – A/C System Tune Up, Water Heater Inspection and Dryer Vent Safety Check for only – $84


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Let us Save you  money on your utility bills each month and improve the safety of your home.  AAA Furnace & Air Conditioning Co. can help protect your most valuable investments – learn how to improve the efficiency and safety of the 3 major energy wasters in your home by performing a system cleaning and checkup!

*Free Dryer Vent Inspection w/ $84 special

*Free Water Heater Safety Test w/ $84 special

*System Check-Up Special  Regularly $168.oo – Online Discount Just $84.00 – Video

HAZARD NOTICE: One of the top 5 fire hazards in the home is the build up of lint in your dryer vent.

Most of the clogged dryer vents we find in the field have too many bends, are not strapped properly or are not terminated in accordance to building code. These appliances need to be vented in a direct route to the  outside of your home or you risk clogging the dryer vent, increasing fire danger in your home. The water from wet clothes that is not released to the outdoors can cause water damage and other moister problems like mildew and mold growth.

Lint built up in your dryer vent is one of the  top 5 causes of fires at home. Your clothes dryer consumes more power than necessary because the dryer needs to run more than once for a load. When the dryer vent is blocked or clogged clothes dryers with poor vents connected to them are more suspect to major cause for breakdowns and mechanical failures.

Free Water Heater Safety Check

Free Water Heater Safety Check*

25% of your utility bill is spent on heating and re-heating the water in your home. We can help you prevent costly water damage, expensive PG&E bills, and prevent dangerous gas leaks. Let us perform a Free Water Heater Safety Check to:

  • Helps eliminate dangerous carbon monoxide leaks
  • Helps prevent major part failures
  • Helps with duct efficiency

Performing these complimentary hazard  checks; can help make sure you’re getting the most efficient use of your clothes dryer, water heater, and Heating & Air Conditioning system. Your home’s essential appliances and mechanical equipment need to be regularly maintained. By scheduling your Heating and Air Conditioning System Check -Up today for only $84. We will Inspect and safety check your water heater and clothes dryer vent. Saving you money and making your home safer is our offer.

*Free Dryer Vent Inspection w/ $84 special

*Free Water Heater Safety Test w/ $84 special

*System Check-Up Special  Regularly $168.oo – Online Discount Just $84.00Video

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