Duct Testing Required In All Climate Zones

As of July 1, 2014 Duct Testing is required in all California climate zones. AAA Furnace & Air Conditioning Co. located in San Jose, CA has been working hard to learn about the new 2013 Title 24 - Minimum Efficiency Standards, set by the California Energy Code. When we replace a gas furnace, evaporator coil, or A/C condensing unit – the building department issuing your permit will require duct testing in all PG&E Climate zones.

Duct Leakage Testing

Santa Clara County has been exempt from this testing since these Title 24 requirements were introduced in California in 2006. Our technicians have taken hands on training in the field with a licensed HERS Rater. This is a third party special inspector that tests and verifies the efficiency and performance of  your home’s heating and air conditioning systems. The total duct leakage found in the average single-family home in is 30% – 40% *[reference; PG&E].  When AAA Furnace & Air Conditioning, Co. replaces your gas furnace or air conditioning systems with more energy efficient models and not addressing the ductwork in your attic or crawlspace, it is now required to certify that the existing ductwork has a total duct leakage of less than 15%. If the installing HVAC contractor replaces or installs a new duct system it will need pass at 6% or less. This has to be inspected by the HERS Rater and the results are reported to the state and local building department in order to sign off on your HVAC improvement permit.

Contact us to help you take care of the entire permit process for you, including the third party duct leakage testing, or recommend a reliable HERS Rater for you to hire yourself. The independant HERS Raters we hire for testing are not employees or a division of AAA Furnace & Air Conditioning, Co. whatsoever. These companies are independently owned and Licensed by the state to perform the required tests and report the findings. If any measures do not pass you can call the installing HVAC contractor to seal the system until it passes.