Alamo CA Heating furnace inspection No Heat


After inspecting this 35 year old gas furnace for proper operation and safety we found the heat exchanger to be cracked. Using a camera with a scope to identify the crack ensures we don’t misdiagnose a good piece of equipment. This home in Alamo, CA – and other like this will most likely have a similar furnace installed. This furnace left alone could have Ben leaking carbon monoxide into the home. Please call a professional or your utility company to have your home’s heating system safety checked and cleaned if it’s needed. This makes certain that your heater will get you through the winter.

It was recommended that we replace the furnace with a new Trane 80% Gas Furnace. This would be about a 20% increase in efficiency over the existing furnace. The air conditioning cooling coil was also installed with the access to the rear of the closet. The new furnace is narrower and the lines can be routed to the front giving us access to service the coil in the future. By doing the indoor section of the HVAC system completely at this time, the homeowner can get better efficiency on the air conditioning and not have pay to take the new furnace out and put it back in, in the future.

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